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Black Rabbit Assessment Services offer screening and full assessments for a range of specific learning difficulties for those aged 8-80 (we will consider young people from the age of 7).


Each session is a one to one assessment, followed by verbal feedback on the day and a report completed within three weeks.  The report will outline the tests completed, the results and any diagnosis found.  It will also contain useful recommendations for support.


Specific Learning Difficulties, or differences as we like to call them, encompass a range of terms including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia.  These can have a significant impact on home, work and educational activities, both positively and negatively.  An assessment can be the first step in embracing strengths and better management of difficulties.

Exam arrangements for schools and workplace: Please note that individuals cannot be charged for exam arrangements and this must be organised by the setting in which the exam will take place – please contact us for further information.


We can assess for:




Training in Special Education Needs and Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties

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